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    2021年元旦放假安排的通知 Happy New Year 2021!



    Dear all international students,

    The world has experienced an unforgettable difficulty in 2020, and with the approaching year-end, we hope all these would come to an end eventually. With the support and care of all , we shall welcome the new year with faith and trust, hence we would like to present our best wishes to you and your families in the Year 2021!


    According to the relevant regulations of China and ZUFE Calendar, the New Year Holiday of 2021 is:January 1, 2021 (Friday), ONE day.

    安全提醒Safety Tips

    1.疫情防控意识Awareness of epidemic prevention and control


    There still have some new cases were find in different cities of China, Please wear masks when you go out and keep social distance. If not necessary, please do not travel to these areas with high risk of the epidemic.

    内蒙古呼伦贝尔市:Hulunbeir City, NeiMengGu Province

    四川成都市:Chengdu City, Sichuan Province

    黑龙江牡丹江市:Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province

    新疆吐鲁番市:Tulufan City, Xinjiang Province

    辽宁大连市:Dalian City, Liaoning Province

    北京市朝阳区:Chaoyang District, Beijing City

    (中高风险地区持续更新……)(Medium and high risk areaswill continue to update )


    All students who live on campus or off campus, if you need to leave Hangzhou, please inform the teachers ofSIES (SCHOOL of INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION&STUDIES)in advance.

    2.法律意识Legal Awareness


    Abiding by Chinese laws, university rules and regulations always. In particular, don’t drink excessively, don’t possess or take drugs, don’t fight or have conflicts with others. Don’t take illegal jobs.

    3. 财务安全意识Property Security Awareness


    Taking care of your wallet, passport and other valuable belongs. Make sure lock the doors, windows and cut off the power when you leave your apartment.

    4.住宿安全Accommodation security


    Students who live in campus should follow the regulations of dormitories. Never allow visitors to stay overnight in your room; Do not come back the dormitory at the prescribed time. It’s strictly prohibitedto connect electric wires without permission and use unapproved or nonstandard electric appliances in case of fire and electric shock. It is also strictly forbidden to throw cigarette butts in the dormitory.

    5.交通安全Traffic Security


    Paying attention to the traffic security and abiding by the traffic regulations when you go out. Don’t drive overspeed. Don’t take unlicensed taxi, ride unlicensed e-bike and drive after drinking alcohol.

    6.防范网络和电信诈骗Precautions against network and telecommunication frauds


    Strengthening anti-fraud awareness. Don’t get deceived when you receive a strange phone ormessage. Prevent the loss of property by ignoring such calls and messages.


    As it is close to end of this semester, we hope all the students could arrange your study time well, review more and get well prepared, and take the final exams with honesty.


    Wish you all the best in the final exams!