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    An Introduction to Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics (ZUFE) for International Students



    I. A Brief Introduction to ZUFE

    Located in the picturesque city of Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics (hereinafter referred to as ZUFE) is a prestigious institution of higher education with economics-related disciplines as the key disciplines, ensuring a coordinated development of various disciplines, namely Economics, Management, Humanities, Law, Science, Engineering and Arts.

    ZUFE, founded in 1974, now includes three campuses: Xiasha Campus (main campus), Wenhua Campus and Chang’an campus, occupying an area of 153 hectares. The university has 14 schools, 2 teaching centers, 1 independent college, 51 research institutes and centers, and it is entitled to confer bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctoral degree and is accredited to enroll international students and students from Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions. There are more than 25,000 full-time undergraduates and postgraduates studying here. The university library holds a collection of more than 2.5 million volumes, 2035 academic journals, 4.67 million e-books and 30,000 e-journals; moreover, it has set up a featured sub-library particularly for the collection of the works of the Nobel Economics Prize Laureates, works of ZUFE faculties and works related to Zhejiang Businessman.

    ZUFE offers nearly 50 undergraduate programs, over 50 postgraduate and professional master’s degree programs in Applied Economics, Theoretical Economics, Business Administration,Public Administration, Law and Statistics and doctoral degree program in “National Special Needs Services Personnel Training Project”.ZUFE has 1326 faculty and staff members, including 155 professors and 324 associate professors. The university has over ten top-level outstanding experts, including those who are nominated in the national project of “Hundred, Thousand, Ten Thousand Talents”, who are supported by Chinese Ministry of Education Program for New Century Excellent Talents, who receive the Government Special Allowance of the State Council, and those who are province- or ministry-level middle-aged and young experts for their outstanding contributions. In recent years, ZUFE has got 6 Excellent Research Achievement Awards (Humanities and Social Sciences) of the Chinese Ministry of Education and other 24 province- or ministry-level Research Achievement Awards. The university has undertaken many top-level research projects including the followings: 1 Major Project of National Social Science Fund, 2 Sub-projects of National Science and Technology Major Project, 103 Projects of National Social Science Fund and National Natural Science Fund, 1 Major Project of Key Projects of Philosophy and Social Sciences Research of the Chinese Ministry of Education. The university has published 2769 academic papers in the journals indexed by CSSCI such as Social Sciences in China,Economic Research,Management World, and Philosophical Researches, as well as 218 academic monographs. The two publications issued by our university Collected Essays on Finance and Economics and YearBook of The Non-Public Sectors of the Economy in Zhejiang are published openly at both home and abroad while the former is listed as one of “national top hundred” Journals of Social SciencesChinese Core JournalsChinese University Core Journals of Humanities & Social Sciences, and Chinese Social Science Citation Index (CSSCI) Journals.

    ZUFE has constantly given high priority to the improvement of student quality by promoting educational reform and encouraging excellent students to take bi-degrees or change their original majors to their favorites.

    The university attaches great importance to a full range of cooperation and exchanges in international education. It has established close academic relations and collaborations with 102 universities in 25 countries by advancing international programs such as Teachers Exchange Program, Students Exchange Program and Credit Transfer System. Besides, the university has conducted several programs like ACCA, CGA, Sino-US cooperation class and Sino-Canada cooperation class. Undergraduate supervisory system is now in full operation in ZUFE, which provides a good environment and system insurance for the development of students. During the past 5 years, ZUFE students have received 11 international, 41 national and 984 provincial awards in various disciplines and science and technology contests. The ZUFE graduates (either undergraduates or postgraduates) are widely welcomed by employers so that the initial employment rate has reached 95%.

    Inspired by its university motto “Achieve with moral excellence, progress with the Times”, Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics is vigorously implementing the development strategy of “running university with quality, improving university with talents, and strengthening university with research”, and is committed to develop itself into a great university.

    II. International Programs Offering

    Name of institution

    School of International Education  & Studies,

    Zhejiang University of Finance &  Economics


    No.18, Xue-Yuan Street, Xia-Sha  Higher Education District. Hangzhou, Zhejiang

    Country / State


    Website  address                               


    Phone  / fax

    Tel: ++86-(0)571-8755 7491

    Fax: ++86-(0)571-8755 7491


    For  application affairs: John (Mr. Ren Fu-yuan )

    E-mail: 53635520@qq.com   renfuyuan1980@126.com 

    Tel: ++86-571-8755 7491

    (we are not able to receive emails from  gmail, please use yahoo

    email box, instead )

    For  in-coming student affairs:   Mr. Lan Hao

    E-mail:  531128894@qq.com     

    1. Non-degree Programs

    Program Name

    Chinese Language Courses

    Optional Courses

    Elementary Chinese

    Basic Chinese (comprehensive reading,  listening and oral Chinese), Pronunciation, Chinese Character, Introduction  to China

    China Tour Culture, Introduction to Famous Figures in  Modern China, Art of War in Ancient China, Comparison of Chinese & Western  Food, Cultural Introduction to Zhejiang, Chinese Poetry, Chinese Tradition,  Social Etiquette, West Lake Culture, Calligraphy, Photography, Table Tennis,  Badminton, Kongfu, Taekwondo, Swim.

    Intermediate Chinese

    Intermediate Chinese (comprehensive  reading, listening and oral Chinese), Writing, Introduction to China, HSK  seminar

    Advanced Chinese

    Advanced Chinese (comprehensive reading,  listening and oral Chinese), Writing, Ancient Chinese, Introduction to China,  HSK seminar

    Short-term Language Training

    Reading, Listening and Oral Chinese,  Chinese Culture Lectures

    Advanced Study

    Any courses from both undergraduate or graduate  programs, with no degree

    2. Degree Programs

    Program Name

    Detail Information

    Degree  programs (Taught in Chinese)

    Totally nearly 50 bachelor degree  programs and over 50 master degree programs are open to international  students. Please refer to the introduction to the University on our website.

    Degree Programs (Taught in English)

    At present, the SIE has set up four  programs taught in English:

    Bachelor/Master of Economics Concentrates  in International Trade  

    Bachelor/Master of Economics Concentrates  in Finance

    Bachelor of Business Administration  Concentrating in Accounting

    Bachelor of Business Administration  Concentrating in Professional Sales;


    III. Admission Information

    Language of courses

    English & Chinese

    Level of studies for incoming students



    A bachelor’s program usually lasts for 4  years and a master’s program usually lasts for two and a half years.


    Even if all the courses in your program  are taught in English, it is strongly recommended that you learn the Chinese  language and culture for smooth interaction with the academic community on  campus and with the local Chinese community off campus.

    Double degree


    Contact hours per course

    3 -4 hours per week

    Teaching methods



    A-B-C-D   or  0-100 points (40 is the pass points)

    IV. Tuition Fees (Monetary unitRMB/Yuan)



    Language Program

    RMB 14,000Yuan/ Year

    Bachelor Program

    RMB 16,000 Yuan/ Year

    Master Program

    RMB 18,000Yuan/ Year



    Accommodation on campus

    Our university can provide international  students with well-equipped apartments. Each apartment is equipped with two  beds, hot water, access to internet, air conditioner and television. The  rent will be 4320RMB/year/one  person (Double Bed Room,  Foreign Students’ Apartment). This is the price after compensation which may  not suit for exchange program. A single room is not provided at present. If  needed, you can live off campus after transitional period but shall sign a  relevant agreement with the school in accordance with local police  regulations.

    Off campus

    Another option for international students  is to live off campus.You can rent a room around our  university and live off campus. We can help you contact some landlords! The monthly rent for an apartment equipped with furniture around  our university is from 1,200 RMB to 1,600 RMB. The rent for a larger  apartment may be a bit higher, but it can be shared by two or three tenants.  Students living off campus shall bring their lease agreements to the  International Students’ Office in SIE for registration.


    It is a must to submit a health  certificate when you are applying for programs lasting for more than six  months. If you can not take one with you, you are required to do a medical  check-up at a designated hospital upon arrival. The expense for the medical  check-up is paid by yourself.Insurance fee 600 RMB/Year, Physical examination fees around 400 RMB   (only for your reference)

    Meal card

    Meal card must be done on Registration  day in the university canteen. The cost for meal card is 13 RMB (school paid)  but you must charge money for your later meals. When leaving school finally,  you must  hand in it back to the school.


    X1 or X2 Visa


    Our Xia-Sha Campus is in Hangzhou  Economic Development Area (HEDA. It is situated on 18, Xue-Yuan Street,  Xia-Sha District, Hangtzhou, Zhejiang Province, China)

    If you arrive in China at Shanghai  Pu-Dong International Airport, you can come to the center of Hangzhou by  coach and then take the Express Bus B1 or B4  to our Xia-Sha Campus, or  you can also take a taxi to our Xia-Sha Campus directly. Or you can also  contact us and we can give your some more advice about how to get to our  university after you get off your plane in Shanghai.

    If your plane lands in Hangzhou Xiao-Shan  International Airport, we strongly recommend you to take a coach which links  Xiao-Shan Airport with Xia-Sha District. For more details about the schedules  for coaches, please refer to the information at airport.

    If you need pick up at airport, please  send your flight information to us before hand.

    School will arrange airport pickup  service but only for groups not for individuals and the cost of pickup  service will be charged by yourself. The fee will be around 150 RMB per  person.

    Extra compulsory fees

    Application fees 400 RMB;

    Stay Permission Fee 400 RMB ( less than  one year ) to 800 RMB (over year);

    Deposit for accommodation 500 RMB;

    Accommodation network fees 25 RMB/per  month;

    Prepaid fees for water and electricity  200 RMB;

    bedding articles fees 280 RMB.

    V. ZUFE Scholarships for International Students (Monetary unitRMB/Yuan)



    Eligibility  Criteria



    Scholarship for Distinguished Freshmen

    Applicants for Chinese-taught programs  shall have a certificate of HSK 6 or above. Applicants for English-taught  programs shall score 6.5 or above in IELTS, or 80 in TOEFL.

    According to the qualification of  applicants.

    The winner  be exempted from 30% to  100% of one-year’s tuition fee.

    Scholarship for Distinguished Degree  Students

    Applicants shall obtain at least 20  credits in the past academic year, with no failure of all courses in their  class.

    Applicants shall obey the laws and rules  of the university and China.

    Applicants’ qualification will be  evaluated through certain evaluation system by school academic committee.

    According to the qualification of  applicants

    Provincial  Scholarship(Class B): RMB 20,000 Yuan ;

    Other  winner be exempted from 30% to 100% of one-year’s tuition fee.

    Scholarship for Distinguished Chinese  Language Learners

    Applicants’ average grades must rank top  in their class, with a class absence of less than 20 classes within one  semester.

    In a certain proportion to the total of  degree students.

    Provincial Scholarship(Class C): 6000 ;

    First Prize,1000; Second Prize, 700;  Third Prize, 500.

    HSK  Winner Scholarship

    Applicants should pass the HSK tests  successfully.

    According to applicants’ achievements in  HSK tests.

    From 300 to 1000.

    Individual  Scholarships

    Winners shall have good performance in  their study, artistic or athletic fields and social welfare.

    According to the performance of  applicants.

    From 300 to 500.


    Ethic  Scholarship

    Candidates for this scholarship are  recommended and determined by teachers based on their evaluation of student’s  overall performance.

    Two students in each semester.

    From 300 to 1000.

    VI. Internship and Study Partner


    School will try its best to give  assistance for students to find internship units but not guarantee for  successful arrangements. School supplies short-time Mobile Classroom.

    Study Partner

    School provides Chinese study partners  for one-to-one or one-to-two as  daily guidance.

    VII. Location


    No.18, Xue-Yuan Street, Xia-Sha District, Hangtzhou, Zhejiang Zhejiang  Province, China


    The  City— A Brief Introduction to  Hangzhou

    Located on the east coast of China,  Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province, is a city with historical and  cultural heritage, a city for sightseeing and tourism, a metropolis in  Yangtze delta. The climate in this area is warm and humid, with four distinct  and well-proportioned seasons in a year.

     With a long standing history,  Hangzhou is one of the cradle-land of ancient culture. Our ancestors settled  in Hangzhou area 4,700 years ago, they multiplied continuously and  flourished, forming so-called Liangzhu Culture. As a county founded in Qin  Dynasty, Hangzhou has a history more than 2,000 years. Being the national  capital in Wu Dai and South Song Dynasty for 273 years, Hangzhou is one of  seven ancient capitals in China, and known as a “cultural center”.

    Possessing excellent sceneries such as  West Lake and Qiantang River, Hangzhou is famous as “heaven on earth”. An  Italian traveler Marco Polo once remarked that the city is the most beautiful  and splendid in the world.

    Hangzhou is a host city where G 20 summit  was held in 2016,which  has beautiful natural environment and booming  economy. It is famous for its silk and tea. These years Hangzhou becomes a  city with the combination of historical culture, natural scenery and modern  civilization.

     VIII. Application Procedure

    1. Applicants’ Requirements and Materials Required


    Applicants’ Requirements

    Materials required

    Chinese Language

    1. All applicants should be above 18 years old and in  good physical condition.

    2. All applicants should own high school diploma.

    1. Fulfilled ZUFE Application Forms(Attachment 1).

    2. High school diploma.

    3. Passport and  4 color photos in the size of 48mm*33mm.

    4. Application fee (RMB 400 yuan).

    Advanced Study

    1. All applicants should be above 18 years old and in  good physical condition.

    2. All applicants should be sophomore students or  above.

    1. Fulfilled ZUFE Application Forms(Attachment 1).

    2. High school diploma or other certificates.

    3. Transcript.

    4. Passport and 4 color photos in the size of 48mm*33mm.

    5. Application fee (RMB 400 yuan).


    1. All applicants should be above 18 years old and in  good physical condition.

    2. All applicants should be sophomore students or  above.

    3.  HSK level 6 or above.

    1. Fulfilled ZUFE Application Forms(Attachment 1).

    2. High school diploma or other certificates.

    3. HSK Certificate.

    4. Personal Statement.

    5. Bank letter on the name of student or the guardian.

    6. Passport and 4 color photos in the size of 48mm*33mm.

    7. Application fee (RMB 400 yuan).


    1. All applicants should be above 18 years old and in  good physical condition.

    2. Bachelor degree diploma.

    3. HSK level 6 or above.

    1. Fulfilled ZUFE Application Forms(Attachment 1).

    2. Bachelor degree diploma.

    3. Transcript.

    4. HSK Certificate.

    5. Personal Statement.

    6. Bank letter on the name of student or the guardian.

    7. Passport and 4 color photos in the size of 48mm*33mm.

    8. Application fee (RMB 400 yuan).

     2.How to Apply on line

    Application Website

    We accept application on line from 2017.  Please apply on the website as following:


    And click online application and follow  the instruction.

    After we receive your application, we  shall send the E-letter to you and after you pay the application fee, we will  send the visa documents you need by express mail.

    For more information about application,  please refer to our website http://sie.zufe.edu.cn/english.htm.













    3.Application Deadline

    Application deadline

    We accept application from June to July  for the fall semester for Language Studying, Bachelor and Master Program and  Oct. to Nov. every year for the spring semester for Language Studying only.

    After we receive your application, we  shall suggest some dates for you to start your study here and you can select  a date which is most suitable for you.










    4.Contact Information

    School of International Education & Studies,

    Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics (ZUFE)

    Address:18 Xueyuan Street, Xiasha Higher Education Zone, Hangzhou, P.R.China, 310018

    Tel: +86-571-8755 7491

    E-mail: 53635520@qq.com  renfuyuan1980@126.com